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What benefits can be obtained by your commune if it becomes a partner commune to the Jan III Sobieski Trail (JIIIS)?
strona główna Certification
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The main task of the Jan III Sobieski Certification Team will be to develop a universal certification system which will give all the entrepreneurs, whose products and services are compliant with the conception of the Jan III Sobieski Trail, the opportunity to apply for the certification seal. As part of the certification system development, the criteria for granting the certification seal and the certification regulations will be worked out. The work will also include developing and patenting the certification seal design.

Currently there are four criteria developed, all of which must be fulfilled, in order to be granted the certificate. These are:
- a connection with the geographical area of the subregion,
- a specific character or distinctive activities related to the nature of the JIIIS Trail,
- a link to the tangible or intangible heritage of the Sobieskis family,
- meeting specific sector-related criteria for manufactured goods or provided services.

The certification procedure itself will be carried out by an independent body composed of experts, which shall ensure the objectivity of the process. Therefore, the Team’s task will be to conduct a public tender procedure for the certification service, and subsequently to monitor the process and provide information on this issue. The Certification Team will also lead to the creation of a new institution that will support the inhabitants in this area after the project completion. The project beneficiaries’ participation in the certification process will be entirely voluntary and free of charge, while at the same time it will offer a number of benefits. This will include, among others,  free promotion of certified products and services in five promotional campaigns, the possibility of using the certification logo, the promotion on the website of the Jan III Sobieski Trail and during the events organized within the project. The certification will contribute to enhancing the product recognition, expanding the market and thus it will affect the growth in demand. The institutions that are not applying for a grant under the project may also be benefiting from the certification.


The Certification Team in Piaski offers free legal assistance in economic matters to all persons and entities interested in starting or expanding their business activity within the Jan III Sobieski Trail.


The legal counsel provides consulting on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
in our office at ul. Lubelska 80 (the building of the Social Welfare Centre)


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